Today’s Editorial for April 30: Attend electoral boundary meetings

A series of meetings will continue
this weekend and next week in all districts of the Cayman Islands.

So far two of the meetings have
been held and attendance has been quite poor.

We’re talking about the Electoral Boundary
Commission meetings.

The three-member commission is
giving of its time and knowledge to travel to each district to get input on how
voting districts in Cayman should be redrawn to accommodate the creation of
three new parliamentary seats.

The first meeting in George Town
attracted only about 20 people.

The second, in West Bay, had about
the same number.

We have to wonder, is it apathy
that is keeping people away from these meetings?

If so, that’s a shame.

Cayman’s new constitution
stipulates that the Legislative Assembly should have 18 members instead of the
current 15.

Commission members are supposed to
review the electoral boundaries and submit a report to the Governor and the
Legislative Assembly about its recommendations on how the boundaries should be

To do that, they need our input.

Through this exercise we are
helping reshape the way we are governed in the Cayman Islands.

If the commission comes up with
recommendations that don’t sit well with the majority of the public, we have no
one to blame but ourselves because of our inattentiveness to these proceedings.

Meetings scheduled for May on Grand
Cayman are Monday, 3 May, at Bodden Town Primary School Hall; 4 May at Savannah
United Church; 5 May at John Gray United Church Hall; 6 May at the South Sound
Civic Centre; 10 May at North Side Civic Centre; and 11 May at East End Civic
Centre. These meetings begin at 7pm.

Just as the constitution public
meetings helped us get a modernised document, these meetings are also

It’s like the right to vote. If you
are eligible to vote and don’t, then do not complain about the people who were

Make sure your voice is heard on
how the new electoral boundaries should be placed.

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