Road blocked for murder investigation

Five weeks after Damion Ming was
shot dead in West Bay, police set up roadblocks and made door-to-door enquiries
on Thursday night in an effort to gather more information about the killing.

Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm
Kay, along with 13 other officers, including some of the officers brought in
from the UK to assist with murder investigations, stopped cars and questioned
potential witnesses in Birch Tree Hill Road for two hours.

Mr. Kay said the purpose of the
exercise was to “jog people’s memories” and speak with as many people as
possible who may have been in the area around the time of night Ming, who was
aged 29, was killed.

“Our intention is to speak to
people who may have been on the road – motorists, pedestrians, cyclists –
anyone who may have seen or heard anything,” he said.

Ming was gunned down around 9.45pm
on Birch Tree Hill Road on Thursday, 25 March.

This was the second round of road
blocks police have done in connection with the murder investigation. The first
was done one week after the shooting. It is the third round of door-to-door

Mr. Kay said the first road block
had garnered information for police. “People have been very cooperative in
assisting us with our enquiries,” he said, but admitted that people had been
slow in coming forward. “I would not say there has been a flood of information.”

Three people have been arrested in
connection with the murder and released on police bail. No charges have been
brought in relation to the murder.

 “We would like to appeal to anybody who has
not been contacted by the police, or who would like to come forward, to contact
us,” he said.

Following the operation, Mr. Kay
said the enquiry team stopped almost 100 vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
“The public were very receptive to the operation and were very co-operative. My
team is currently examining the information collated.”

Anyone with information about the
murder or any other crime is asked to contact West Bay police on 949-3999 or an
anonymous hotline number on 949-7777 or CrimeStoppers on 8477-TIPS.