Shanghai Expo 2010 opens

Shanghai’s Expo 2010, a six-month
world’s fair meant to enhance the city’s stature, opened on Saturday.

Chinese military personnel hoisted
the flags of 189 countries and 57 international organizations taking part in
the world’s fair. It is the most expensive expo ever staged.

The theme of the expo is
“Better City, Better Life” and more than 70 million people are
expected to be drawn to Shanghai for the event. China, which put on the Summer
Olympics less than two years ago, directly spent more than $4 billion – twice
what was spent on Olympics preparation – on the expo and perhaps another $50
billion in infrastructure support.

Chinese President Hu Jintao
promised the expo would be unforgettable.

“The World Expo is a grand
event to showcase the best achievements of human civilization,” Hu said.
“It is also a great occasion for people from around the world to share joy
and friendship.”