Today’s Editorial for May 04: The wow factor

When it comes to Cayman’s natural
beauty, there is a lot here to make visitors to the island say “wow!”

Unfortunately, the wow factor
hasn’t really translated to Cayman’s man-made attractions.  Boatswain’s Beach, Pedro St. James and the Queen
Elizabeth II Botanic Park all have their charms, but they really can’t compete
with similar attractions found in other countries, including many in the Caribbean.

It’s true that the sight of a large
green sea turtle can make someone say “wow”, but it’s really turtle – not the
attraction – that evokes the reaction, and the wow lasts all of about five seconds.

However, with the opening of the
Cayman Motor Museum this week, there is finally an attraction that can make
visitors and residents alike say “wow.”

This first-rate attraction would be
an asset to any major city in the world and to have it here in the Cayman
Islands is really something to brag about.

From a 1886 Benz, the first car
ever made, to the original Batmobile from the ’60s American television show, to
Elton John’s first Bentley and the dozens of classic Ferraris, Maseratis, Corvettes, and Jaguars,
the Cayman Motor museum will have people saying “wow” over and over again.

The museum is the dream of Cayman
resident Andreas Ugland, whose collection of classic cars was spread over
several countries.  He wanted a single
place to showcase his cars, and he ultimately chose Grand Cayman, at a site on
Northwest Point Road in West Bay.

In a time when there is more
uncertainly facing the Cayman Islands than there has been for a long, long
time, Mr. Ugland’s confidence in the country should be commended.  At the private opening of the museum on
Saturday, Premier McKeeva Bush did just that.

We also commend Mr. Ugland for his
confidence in Cayman and encourage residents to support his effort by paying
the museum a visit. The price for residents on Saturdays is only $10 for adults
and $5 for children, a bargain that should also have all readers saying “wow!”