Letters to the Editor: Customer service severely lacking

I am writing this letter for three

Firstly, to become yet another
person to make a complaint about their experience at the Immigration Department
in George Town. Secondly, to express my exhaustion with having to ‘suck up’ to
Immigration staff just to achieve what I went there to do. And thirdly to
highlight what customer service skills are and to provide an example of someone
who knows exactly what they are.

Each time that I have to go to the
Immigration Department in George Town I cringe. Without fail I will spend the
majority of my day there or spend a good part of the day accumulating the
correct documentation that they need. What are the reasons for this?

It’s not because I’m a disorganised
person. It’s because each and every time that I call or go into the Immigration
Department, I am not given the correct guidance and direction as to the exact
documentation that I need for whatever it may be that I need to do.

I am sent round and round, from
person to person and even then I’m not guaranteed to get it. Therefore when I
get to the counter, after waiting patiently of course, I not only have the
incorrect or insufficient  documentation
but I am met with unhappy face and feel that I have to slowly tease the information
from the officer to get one step closer to getting what I need.  When I have survived the initial trip to
Immigration I have the pleasure of leaving, getting the additional paperwork
and doing it all over again! There goes the majority of my day.

Secondly, each and every time that
I enter the Immigration building in town, I am rarely met with a friendly face.
I feel like I have to ‘suck up’ to unpleasant people just to achieve what I
went there to do. Why should I have to do this? They are not doing me any favours,
they are getting paid to do a job and I am paying for their services. I almost
feel like I am disturbing them or inconveniencing them when I go to the counter
or if I make a request for additional information above and beyond what is in
their job description. Why should I smile and be pleasant to someone that
treats me like that?

Thirdly, I would like to highlight
what good customer service skills are. The basics include greeting each
customer with a smile, using a pleasant and welcoming tone of voice and always
striving to satisfy the customer by aiming to provide them with the service
that they require in an efficient manner. Most of all, it means working to your
fullest potential to provide them with what they need, allowing them to have a
pleasant experience and ultimately having return to your place paying for your
service again. Sometimes it even means going that little bit extra to help
someone.  As I just said, people in jobs
that are in direct contact with customers must always strive to provide the
customer with excellent services.

 This will encourage them to return to your
place of business and to pay you for your services. The reason for this – competition.

No matter what line of business
that you are in you always have competitors. If I go to any bank on the Island
and they treat me bad, guess what, I can take my services to another bank. If I
go to a restaurant and they treat me bad, guess what, I can go eat at another
restaurant. I think you get the picture.

Just because the Immigration
Department doesn’t have competitors to keep them on their toes doesn’t make it
acceptable for them to treat people the way they do. It doesn’t hurt anyone to
be pleasant to another person.  It gives
you a sense of satisfaction and motivates you to do better each time. Why don’t
they all give it a try? 

I would like to bring an example of
a person that knows exactly what excellent customer service skills are to your
attention. Her name is Ms Hope who works at reception in the Glass House. One
my last hectic visit to the Immigration Department I had to seek a service from
the Glass House and was greeted once again with a happy face and a pleasant
welcome. Ms Hope not only attended to me in a professional, efficient and pleasant
manner, she went above and beyond her job description to help me with what I
needed. I did not get sent around in circles, re-directed or misled in any way.
She knows exactly what she is doing and if she couldn’t provide me with an
answer she knew where she could get the answer and took it upon herself to
really help me out. This type of service is exactly what everyone should strive
to provide in the Immigration Department.


  1. I’ve been to Cayman three times this year and each time I’ve had miserable experiences with customer service. I won’t name anybody in particular. Here is the best suggestion you can give these people ” If you really hate your job, get a new one!”

  2. I agree, Ms Hope is a super nice lady. I have always recieved a smile and a hello from her. She should get some sort of appraise, for her years of hard work, and dedication.

    Here is to you, Ms Hope!

    I hope if you read this, you have a wonderful day.

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