Toilets blocked on BA flight

Passengers told not to drink water

Passengers on board a British
Airways flight from London to Cayman last week were told not to drink water
because all the toilets on the plane were blocked.

A British Airways spokeswoman said
the airline was investigating why the toilets were not functioning.

She added: “We are investigating as
to why the sewage tanks were not correctly emptied after the previous flight.”

According to a Daily Mail report,
the pilot told passengers not to drink water in the two hours before the flight
landed in the Bahamas because they would not be unable to use the bathrooms.

The Boeing 767 was flying from
Heathrow Airport, via Nassau where it has a one-hour stopover, to Cayman on
Wednesday, 28 April.

The toilets were emptied at Nassau
after the aircraft landed and the aircraft was cleaned in Grand Cayman before
the return flight back to the UK, the BA spokesperson said.

Four of the toilets were blocked
for the entire flight, and only two were operating for most of the flight, but
those two also became blocked in the final two hours of the flight.

“We fully apologise to customers
affected by the closure of the toilets on a flight to from Heathrow to Grand
Cayman via Nassau,” the BA spokeswoman said.