Signs announce North Side cameras

District residents updated at meeting

Surveillance cameras in North Side
will hopefully be up and running in a few days or weeks, MLA Ezzard Miller told
residents at a meeting on Thursday night in the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre.

Signs will be erected at entrances
to the district – at the Frank
Sound junction and near the monument on the Queen’s Highway –
advising of their presence, Mr. Miller said.

He invited everyone to critique the
signs after the meeting and several people did, offering suggestions for
changes in the wording.

The cameras and signs are a project
of the North Side District Council (Caymanian Compass, 28 April). Mr. Miller alluded
to the article, which quoted him as saying the council would like to ask for
$100 per household to pay for the system.

He did not elaborate and there were
no questions or comments from the audience.

Police Area Commander Martin Bodden
was present and he commended North Siders for all the initiatives they have in

These included a summer camp, plans
for which were explained by Wendy Quinland; a district hurricane plan, promoted
headed by Teddy Ebanks; a district newsletter, headed by Archie Whittaker.

Mr. Miller also announced a
fix-it-and-fun-day for Saturday, 15 May, when North Siders are being asked to
help fix, clean and paint the civic centre.

Approximately 33 people attended
the meeting, including members of the council executive, which is headed by chairperson
Alex Johnson.