Do Something Cayman volunteers in action

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More than 130 volunteers from the
Do Something Cayman Campaign turned up at the Frances Bodden Girls Home for a
beautification and landscaping clean-up on Saturday.

The group, which involved
youngsters, business people, church groups, families and other organisations,
were busy putting in new soil, replacing flowers, installations trimming trees,
repairing fences and painting to make the place more aesthetically pleasing.

The clean-up is one of many ventures
volunteers are undertaking in Do Something Cayman in partnership with Miles
McPherson of Miles Ahead Do Something campaign out of San Diego, California.

It is an opportunity for volunteers
to come together to assist with community tasks such as helping the elderly,
cleaning up and participating in other initiatives in various districts.

Assisting the group at the Frances
Bodden Girls Home was Children and Youth Services CEO Angela Sealey.

Ms Sealy said the initiative to
beautify the grounds should make occupancy for staff and clients much more

Teens from the Frances Bodden Girls
Home have been staying at the Bonaventure Home in West Bay for the past 16
months since the building was damaged in a fire and needed some extensive repairs,
she said.

“Work on the inside of the building
has been completed. Right now the home is only waiting to have a fire system
installed and the external emergency staircase built. We anticipate getting
back in the home sometime in June,” she added.

Cleavy Scott, spearheading the clean-up
along with Malcolm Davis, chairperson Heather Bodden and Miles Ahead’s Tim Probasco,
remarked at the excellent turn out of volunteers at the girls’ home.

Mr. Scott said the Girls Home
enhancement project is the first of many to come for the Bodden Town area in
the Do Something Cayman Campaign.

“Volunteers, businesses and
organisations have been lending a tremendous helping hand in the projects being
undertaken,” he said. “The girls’ home is the second major project volunteers
have tackled; the first one was the Healing Garden at the George Town Hospital.”

In a press release from Kelly
Holding Events and Communications, Beverly Sinclair said there are only two
more major projects scheduled, but since it is a long-term initiative, the
group will be tackling other projects as it goes along.

Do Something Campaign ongoing projects

Classroom Expansion – John A Cumber Primary

Week of 10-13 May

Do Something San Diego volunteers doing
phase 1 of construction project to expand 12 classrooms.
Phase 2 will be completed after school is out in June, by local contractors

Type of work: construction

Contact: Tim Probasco, Do Something – 929-9514

John A Cumber Primary School
Date: Saturday, 22 May
Time: 7am–2pm
Clean up and beautification

Contact: Heather Bodden 916-3574

George Town Primary School
Date: Saturday, 29 May
Time: 7am–2pm
Clean up and beautification

Contact: Heather Bodden 916-3574

Planned initiatives:

To create a food pantry in each district and outfit homes for
patients who need wheelchair accessibility.

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Volunteers plant trees, repair fences, install guttering and trim trees at the Frances Bodden Girls Home Do Something Cayman clean-up.
Photo: Jewel Levy


  1. Everyone should feel very proud of Do Something Cayman volunteers who are most willing to roll up their sleeves and double down to assist with community projects.

    In an age where so many expect government to do just about everything and pay for it, these volunteers should be noticed and greatly appreciated by all.

    Volunteering is demanding and requires time, energy, courage, self-motivation, sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. It demonstrates that even in tough economic times with its associated problems, there are those who really care. Volunteering is also an act of kindness, love, consideration and concern for people and the community.

    It was the late American president John F. Kennedy who said these immortal words, “ask not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country.”

    My hope is that others will be motivated to get involved in this priceless and rewarding activity.

    Keep up the good work, Do Something Cayman Campaign and be encouraged. We love and sincerely appreciate what you are doing. God bless you and the efforts your are making.

    Geoff Daniels

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