Cool down with water

Yes, it’s hot.  And it going to get hotter. To help stay
cool, let your drink of choice be water. 

Water intake is essential to
life.  We know that you can last many
days without food, but not so many without water. 

With the Caribbean summer coming
upon us, this is the time to begin increasing your water intake. 

Medical experts recommend that we
drink eight glasses of water per day. 
Eight seems to be a good number, but if your thirst calls for more,
increase your supply, especially if you work outside in the hot sun. 

An inadequate intake of water can
make you feel nauseous, light-headed and weak.

In my line of work, I often hear
people complain that they don’t like water. 
How can we even consider life without it?  Maybe our taste buds are desensitised to what
is healthy and natural because of the junk we drink. 

There are a lot of junk drinks out
there – high-sugared with artificial ingredients.  A child obesity study from the US found that
many children are obese more because of what they drink than what they

If drinking more water presents a
challenge, let the following lifestyle tips help you adjust to this healthy

Add cucumber and fresh ginger
slices to your water jug and keep it cool in the fridge for a refreshing and
cleansing beverage. For speed and convenience, you can use ginger or mint tea
bags in place of fresh cucumber and ginger.

Carry a water bottle with you at
all times.

Keep a water bottle handy on your
desk and refill it during the day.

Keep a glass of water at your
bedside during the night

 Eliminate sodas from your diet.

Take a step today to increase your
water intake, hydrating your body with the vital elixir that is vital to

Water is essential for life and for

Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management and
self-help. For more information on developing healthy lifestyle habits, email
[email protected]