This year’s Chalkfest event held at
Market Street, Camana Bay, Saturday, 1 May, attracted a steady stream of participants.

Big cats, Anime characters and dozens
of other images made for a colourful patchwork of entries.

The event, hosted by the National
Gallery of the Cayman Islands and sponsored by Camana Bay, drew 90 participants.

Organisers and volunteers from the
Friends of the Gallery and Rotaract catered for participants by supplying
sunscreen, bottled water and snacks, as well as tents and bags of sidewalk

The gallery’s Communications and Marketing
manager, Mona Lisa Tatum-Watler, said: “Chalkfest was a fun time and the gallery is
pleased that we had such a good turnout”.

participants also got to clamber on board a fire engine and view the cabin of
Truck 13.

School [5-7]

– Holly Stradling, (2nd) – YasJasmin Vernon and (3rd) – Skye Wolfe

School [8-10]

– Gianna Champoux, (2nd) – Ashleigh Chinn and (3rd) – Madison Bunton.

Middle School [11-13]

– Dorothy Ojerio, (2nd) – Michael Brooks and (3rd) – Christopher Fletcher.

High School [14-17]

– Jade Pope, (2nd) – Claire Fletcher and (3rd) – Shannon Pollard.

Adults [18 and older]

– Marcie Wood, (2nd) – Justin Colgan and (3rd) – Julie Hughes.

received their prizes at the Chalkfest awards ceremony held at the gallery’s
Harbour Place location, Wednesday, 5 May.


Chalkfest 2010 in Market Street, Camana Bay.
Photo: Elphina Magona