Beach Club: A water-tight debut

Beach Club is the title of the
scorching new album from ThE IZ that signals the return of the LP and silences
critics who think that Cayman is lost on the music scene.

At a time when many artists are
relying heavily on the power of the single or one song, ThE IZ has instead
focused on a collection of hits that is sure to wet the pallets of sonic omnivores
the world over.

The tracks seem to transcend what
is deemed as a Caribbean sound, though the music is not typical rhythm and
blues either.

In fact, what ThE iZ have managed
to do, on this album, is to create a sound that embodies elements of different
influences they have no doubt absorbed along the way.

One reoccurring theme on the LP is
the boy meets girl scenario, which is explored quite tastefully on many of the
tracks. This album is filled with tales of romance and the mystery of

The first track on the album Suntan
is carefully seasoned with a reggae vibe, which reflects an R&B essence
that is evident but subtle.  A bouncing
beat and undeniably catchy melody make the feeling complete – absolutely
delicious stuff!

On other tunes such as Butterfly,
there is a catchiness that almost feels familiar, like this song has been around
from the beginning of time or was meant to be, at the very least.

 Good songs are like the earth’s longing for
itself and much of that is quenched with music as soothing as the bombshells on
this album.

 Beach Club is packed with exceedingly poignant
textures of sound accentuated by glistening vocals that all come together to
subliminally whisper to the listener: Jason Gilbert, Stephan Coterell Lonney
McField (aka Lonney Love) and Paul Hudson have arrived.

Recorded in Hopscotch Studios in
the Cayman Islands and Black Chiney Studios in Miami, Florida, the nine tracks
the group offer up are ideal for the summer and the atmosphere of light-hearted,
care free celebration.

The group is an indication of why
it is important for Caymanians to take each other seriously.

They have no doubt promoted
themselves to a standard that is bankable and worthy of critical acclaim of
some kind.

All the tracks were also written
and produced by these young men, who have also gone through the effort of
actually publishing the music and all the other ground work that will ensure
they have a real chance at collecting on their investment.

Any naysayers who speculate that ThE
iZ has taken on a style that is contrived and not Caymanian, have been silenced
with these nine records, 11 if you keep listening.

The guys have added two ghost
tracks on the album. This is no doubt cheeky but you can’t deny how happy it
makes you to hear that they have given you just a little extra, almost like an
encore for a virtual audience.

Beach Club is available in select
stores in the Cayman Islands and is available for downloads on iTunes.

Other musicians to have played a
role in the albums uncanny sound include Samuel Rose and Yanik Powell, who
provided guitar and saxophone, respectively.

In all, this home-grown offering is
one to watch on the international scene.

 In my opinion and as far as my leisurely listening
goes, this is what I am bumping to at the moment.


The cover of ThE iZ’s debut album Beach Club.
Photo: Submitted