Money Train stands for progress

We all need it! Some of us know how to balance that need! Some of us are empowered
by greed! Everything we do is geared towards getting it! The Bible says that money
answereth all things, but wait… don’t get it twisted.  This is not saying that money can buy
happiness, and life. It simply means that to acquire anything that pertains to
this mundane existence…  Show me tha

Narcisse a.k.a. Nate Dawg, a.k.a. Blankz; Bryce 
Webb aka King Biz  and Brandon  “Face Mobb” Ebanks are three young Caymanians,
who have tasted hard life in various social surroundings and have taken a page
of wisdom out of every life experience that

they have encountered.  

grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. Face Mobb grew up in Brooklyn, New York,
whilst King Biz learned his smarts in the challenging twists of the changing
Cayman culture. From their various experiences they have come away with one
conclusion: they can’t just sit down and get sunk under the oppression of poverty.
They had got to get up, improve their status and get the money rolling in –
hence Money Train was born. A Train is not a stationary object. It keeps moving
from one destination to the next, Money Train stands for progress.

group says that they are not so much a group and relegated to three members
only. They are more inclined to perceive themselves as a movement – a movement
to uplift their social status and anyone musically inclined who also shares
that perspective is welcome to come make them that much stronger – iron
sharpeneth iron!

hath so ordained the thing, that we are all a by-product of each other. It’s
like a domino effect. Everything that we do creates a ripple that touches the
life of another that creates another one that touches someone else from that
other ripple.  Aren’t we then our
brother’s keeper and should we not then be mindful of how we send on the
ripple? These youngsters have watched and have become enamoured and empowered
by the life progress of rappers Jay-Z and P. Diddy, how they hopped onto a
train from poorsville to richsville. 
They have now been inspired to believe that they too can fly (to intone
the eternal words of R. Kelly).

Train’s main repertoire is rap/hip hop but their talent is of such that they
are not boxing themselves into a set genre. They have more versatility and are
hoping to explore that.  They have collaborated
with various groups in Cayman, namely rap artistes Burna and D.L.S.; dancehall
artistes Jah Shawn and Kimmie At Dem and R&B artiste Lonney Love.

weekend Money Train releases Make Me Famouss Volume one a mixed CD collection
with Blankz and Famouss Gus as producers. These guys have really presented themselves
professionally. I therefore raise my glass in a toast – make the money.

a listen on or follow the arrow at These guys are so fly.

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