Orchid’s work bold, reflective

Abstracts and surrealism featured strongly
in Orchid Morrison’s second Cayman exhibition.

The show, featuring over 20 works,
was held upstairs in Casanova by the Sea restaurant last Friday and garnered a
healthy turnout.

Ms Morrison who hails from George
Town and works as a trust lawyer at Applebys sold several originals and prints
the evening.

Painting seriously throughout
school and college, Ms Morrison’s work has several unifying features including
a vivid use of colour, and the depiction of strong, goddess-like subjects.

“The women in my pictures are
strong and positively depicted and are meant to inspire,” the artist said.

“My colours are bold and I guess
reflect my Caribbean heritage,” she added.

According to the young painter, her
work is also getting known for the way she frame’s each subjects face.

“My signature motif is the hair of
my subjects,” she said.

Wild, multicoloured and windswept
in most of the pictures, the hair of the orchid fairy and the reclining woman
in another painting titled Van-cougar are a case in point portraying  “mood and energy”, Ms Morrison said.

The painter, whose first show was
last year at what was then Sapphire (new Nectar), at Seven Mile Beach Shops,
also enjoys incorporate elements of Cayman into many of her pieces.

Her picture titled Banana Leaf
Fairies has a subtle background of basket weave and banana leaves with the
fairies sporting the wings of the Monarch butterfly found locally.