Floyd’s deluded

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather looked
impressive in beating Sugarman Shane and although he is undoubtedly the best
fighter around, he doesn’t deserve the right to compare himself to some of the
all-time greats. At least not yet.

Mayweather obviously believes his
own hype but even he must realise that the real legends fought more often
against far tougher opponents for a fraction of what he earns and were never
allowed to cherry pick like the swaggering boaster does.

Sugar Ray Robinson remains the
greatest fighter ever. His stats confirm that. He retired at 44 after 200 bouts,
winning 173 times and most of his 19 losses were on points in the twilight of
his career when he was often twice the age of opponents.

Muhammad Ali was another great
exponent of the noble art who like Robinson went on for too long and both
suffered health-wise as a consequence.

In modern times Sugar Ray Leonard
in his prime was faster than Money, a far more clinical finisher who never
ducked anyone.

If Mayweather, 33, can go on for at
least five years, remain unbeaten and take on the best fighters in their prime,
then he might be considered better than his illustrious predecessors.

In the mean time he must face – and
beat – Manny Pacquiao to even be considered an entrant into the pantheon. So
far Mayweather has only seen off the best fighters of his generation. None will
go down as truly awesome, just the best of a mediocre bunch.

 Pacquiao is an exceptional talent and by
beating the Filipino idol that would be Mayweather’s first significant notch
towards legendary status.

Meanwhile, this weekend should see
the first in a historic double for Chelsea. Regardless of whether Manchester
United beat Stoke at Old Trafford, the Blues will seal the Premiership title
with a resounding victory over Wigan at Stamford Bridge.

Then their first league and FA Cup
double will be completed by retaining the cup in spanking already relegated
Portsmouth, a club in so much debt that it can barely pay its players’ wages. I
admired Pompey’s fighting spirit but there is no substitute for class and
Chelsea has shedloads of that – except John Terry, of course!