Letters to the Editor: Where is local TV programming?

is very disappointing and depressing to view our so called local ‘Cayman’ TV
stations (Cayman 27 and Island 24) and see more Canadian rather than Caymanian

seems like our Caymanian and Caribbean culture and heritage are forgotten and
denigrated by these overseas programmes.

is most evident in the choice of sports shown on these local ‘Caymanian’
stations, where there is a proliferation of ice hockey NHL games that have no
connection and relevance to our local sporting culture. Our local Caymanian
youths are playing football, basketball, cricket, volleyball among other
tropical sports, not winter ice hockey.

is the basketball NBA playoff not being shown to Caymanians, many of whom
regularly play the sport? Who is deciding what programmes our young athletes
should watch or not? Do they have the best interest of Caymanians at heart?

more insulting is the fact that the cricket T20 world cup currently being
played in the Caribbean is not being carried by any of our so called local TV
stations. It is a travesty that our local youths will not be given a chance to
observe and emulate their heroes.

am sure if it is a matter of cost, sponsorship can be had from the many interested
local business and organisations. Let’s concentrate on nurturing the future of
our local young people and provide them with more local Caymanian and Caribbean
culture and sports to inspire them, and not this irrelevant expatriate Canadian
sports and culture.

Justin Bodden


  1. My name is Justin Bodden and I reside on Grand Cayman and work at Governors Square. I would like to clarify to my family, friends, and the public that I am not the Justin Bodden who authored this letter. As a member of The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, I put the community first but do so without prejudice to the different nationalities that reside here. I would appreciate it if you, the Justin Bodden who authored this letter, could clarify your identity to avoid any further confusion. I would also appreciate it if you would disclose your full identity when authoring any letters or publications in the future.

    Kind regards,
    Justin Robert Bodden

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