Missing Captain should not stall Budget title run

In sports there is a saying that
goes a team is only as good as its best player. Without such an asset a side is
in trouble.

One might then assume that the
Budget Beavers are staring at a brief playoff stint in the WestTel Adult Roller
Hockey League. Captain and top scorer Mark Missal is slated to be off-island
for Tuesday’s match against the CDMS Islanders.

Interestingly Missal is off on
vacation to his hometown of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. He states it’s a simple
case of an unavoidable hiccup.

“It’s just wrong timing. I wish I
knew when the playoff games were before I went ahead and booked my holiday
months ago,” Missal said. “I’m a Prairie boy and my wife would kill me if I
didn’t come home now.”

Statistically the loss of Missal is
huge. During the season he led the league in assists (18), goals (27) and
points (45). On the court he was part of a fearsome line that starred fellow
top scorers Tim MacDonald (second to Missal in all statistical categories) and
Chris Moser (though his production declined).

Nevertheless Missal feels the team
can do well without him.

“I’m confident the guys can do it
without me,” Missal said. “Tim (MacDonald) will probably be captain while I’m
out and as long as everyone shows up we’ll be fine. I won’t be back until the
24th but anything is possible in playoff hockey.”

The loss of Missal compounds the
fact that Budget missed out on the regular season title to the MEPCO High Rollers
for the second straight year. Budget lost to CDMS in the regular season finale
last week while MEPCO beat the Barracudas.

Like last year Budget were atop the
standings for most of the season before faltering late. The Beavers lost three
of its last five games this year. In spite of that performance Missal feels
good about his team’s showing this year.

“We didn’t finish the way I intended
to but I’m not worried about that,” Missal said. “We’re saving ourselves for
the playoffs. I feel our chances are good. The rematch with the Islanders will
be a different game from last week once our guys return from their hiatus. It’s
just unfortunate I’ll be missing.”