Islanders aiming to bury Beavers

The CDMS Islanders may have fallen
short of cracking the upper echelons of local hockey but they still have a shot
at an improbable championship.

On Tuesday CDMS goes into action in
the WestTel Adult Roller Hockey League playoffs. The side faces the Budget
Beavers at 9pm on the WestTel arena of Kings Sports Centre. The two take the
court after the MEPCO High Rollers and Barracudas face off at 8pm.

CDMS head into their opening round
playoff game after placing third in the standings at 4-6. It was a rough finish
to the regular season for the Islanders as they dropped three of their last
four games.

The highlight in that stretch was
beating Budget 12-8 in the season finale. With that win CDMS defenseman Dave
Champoux says the side has its poise back.

 “We ended the season on a high note,” Champoux
said. “We hope to carry that confidence into the playoffs. We’re ready and we
like our chances against Budget. I’m expecting a huge battle on Tuesday.”

Then again some CDMS players, like
goalie Nigel Windsor, are quick to dismiss their latest win.

“They were short; they had to find
someone who hadn’t played with them all season to field the team,” Windsor said. “Don’t use
that as an indication of anything. Facing Budget in the first round doesn’t
change things for us. It just reflects what has been happening with a few

“Quite a few players had to leave
and teams had to readjust. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to me. When you
have a few players you get more familiar with them. You get to know each guy
and their tendencies. For example the guys may have to skate more in front of
me with someone missing but I know who I’m dealing with.”

CDMS can only hope Windsor’s rationale works out. Heading into
Tuesday the team is without Rob Brooks (who left the island mid-season) and
Brendon Malice (who has an undisclosed lower body injury).

Losing Malice in particular is a
big blow. A solid defenseman this year, the multi-sport star also posted four
goals, four assists and eight points on the year.

Nevertheless both Champoux and
Windsor say the Islanders go into Tuesday’s game prepared to display a solid

“With the improvement of our
high-scoring forwards, I’ve settled into a more defensive role and the result
has been good,” Champoux said. “Our goals allowed have been lower this year and
I feel as a unit we’ve given great support to our goalie (who has been very
good this year).

“The key for us on Tuesday is
battling hard and being responsible in our own end. We have to shut down second
chances around the net.”

“I’m pretty comfortable at the
moment,” Windsor
said. “I feel I did pretty well in past games and it can all come together for
me again. I definitely feel I’m playing better because I know who I’m playing

“Anything can happen
in playoff games. It’s still not unrealistic for us to make a run at the Cherry
Cup. We just have to make do with what we got.”