Ritz show kids the healthy option

It is important to teach children
from the earliest age the importance of good eating habits.

All children favour junk food if
given an option, but to help tackle inactivity and obesity amongst youngsters,
getting them to eat more fruit and vegetables and minimising fast food intake
is imperative.

That was the message when Guntram
Merl, director of food and beverage at the Ritz-Carlton went along to his
daughter Isabella’s Montessori by the Seas school in Prospect along with Ritz’s
executive chef Frederic Morineau.

They took along plenty of fresh
vegetables and gave prizes to children who could identify them.

Then Merl and Morineau cooked
delicious meal for the children using the vegetables.

As it was Cinco de Mayo, on 5 May,
the theme was Mexican. They had tacos, guacamole and fresh vegetables including
onions, tomatoes, avocados and lettuce. Nothing was out of cans.

Merl said: “We loved going to see the
kids. We all had a great time. It was surprising how much they ate.

“I think whatever you can point out
to them about eating healthily is important. Eating fresh vegetables from an
early age helps. They will eat whatever tastes good.

“Isabella is only four and of
course she likes chicken fingers with fries but I only give her that as a
treat. Eating good food becomes a habit if you make the effort.

“Going to her school, I wanted to
try it out to see how it works so that we can reach other schools. We already
talk to school kids about careers at the Ritz-Carlton but we want to extend
that to teach them about healthy eating. It is fun for us and helps foster
community spirit.”