Cisco and Digicel partner to deliver Secure SIP Trunking

Local telecommunications company Digicel Business have recently announced the release of a new fixed line voice product known as Secure SIP Trunking. By engaging closely with Cisco Services (NASDAQ: CSCO) on the technical solution architecture, Digicel Cayman has delivered a world class voice solution leveraging the Unified Communications product portfolio.
Unlike many next-generation service providers who use the public Internet to transport voice calls, Digicel Cayman uses its own private IP-based managed services network to provide business class voice services. James McElvanna, CTO of Digicel Cayman added “With SIP trunking, businesses are no longer limited by the amount of copper lines at their premises. Extra voice capacity can literally be added with the push of a button.”
By using the Cisco Unified Communications product portfolio combined with Digicel SIP Trunking, businesses are able to improve voice quality and decrease maintenance costs by connecting to the public network without the need for traditional legacy TDM equipment. Companies can also affordably link multiple locations in a single network and share the same communications features and applications companywide. Additionally, new direct dial extensions can be created on demand, eliminating the need for costly Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service and the sometimes lengthy waits involved when new lines are installed from the local telecoms provider.
Digicel Broadband Manager, Rhys Ebanks, believes “Every business in Cayman could benefit from eliminating expensive monthly recurring line rental charges. This solution is not just for large enterprises either. With the Cisco UC500 product range the small-medium business sector can significantly cut their telecoms opex. The return on investment can be as low as six months.”
Cisco’s senior systems engineer, Vince Corbett, added “We are thrilled to work with a service provider like Digicel Cayman to deliver next generation services. This collaborative relationship is built on the strategy that we do not simply give our customers what we produce. Rather, working with service providers like Digicel Cayman, we create the solution they need by developing new business models and services adapted to our customers’ diverse needs.”
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