Deloitte: The business of innovation

What’s all this talk about innovation? Once a word associated with eccentrics and lab coats, it’s now a topic high on the agenda of many major nations that keeps a daily profile in business publications. In a remarkably short time, globalisation has changed the world’s economic order, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. Innovation policy is about helping companies perform in such an environment and contribute to wider social objectives such as growth, employment and sustainability.
At Deloitte, a methodical approach to innovation helps us deliver additional value to our clients. The Deloitte Global Innovation Network has delivered pioneering new products and services to clients across the world, from mobile text message banking in South Africa, to online anti-money laundering and accounting services in Australia, to the Global Deloitte Leadership Academy – a unique online learning management and networking site.
Closer to home, Deloitte has a strong history of innovating in the Cayman market. We have participated with our clients in co-creation activities to find solutions to complex problems and opportunities from challenges. We have created services to improve our clients’ business intelligence and delivered technology and information management solutions to allow our clients to compete more aggressively in today’s fast paced world. Internally, we constantly improve technology, key processes and programs to benefit the business and staff, including online training and career development, intranets and extranets, desktop webinars on industry trends, and web-based performance management systems to name a few.
Locally Deloitte has used the DeepDive™, an “ultimate collaboration tool”, to help clients solve challenges in both public and private sector organisations. It takes an important problem faced by our clients and helps them to create solutions fast in a way that buy-in from staff is achieved in the process, and ultimately innovation is enacted, recognized, developed, applied and adopted.
Jeremy Smith, Partner in the Cayman firm says “at Deloitte, both locally and globally, innovation is not just another program or project, but it has truly become part of our corporate DNA. We have benefitted from innovative improvements to our business and delivered innovation as a value-add to our clients world-wide.”