Keeping on track with personal training

people turn to personal trainers to help them learn to exercise safely, guide
them through their weight loss goals, increase muscle strength and flexibility,
or to simply provide them structure and accountability to help them achieve
their fitness goals.

with a personal trainer is a great way to help you develop a plan of action and
keep you on track.

people require constant supervision two or three days a week while others may
only work with a trainer a few times to develop a programme and meet
occasionally to update or give feedback on their programme and progress. When
you have someone to be accountable to, it makes it more likely that you will
stick to the programme.

addition to keeping you motivated, individualised programmes based on your
personal goals can be developed by a trainer.

has different goals and each programme needs to be individualised to a person’s
needs. Once these goals are identified, a trainer can get you focused on your
programme and ensure your workouts are as efficient as possible to get maximum
results in minimum time.

and more, athletes are turning to trainers 
for programmes to supplement their regular training schedule,  help them stay fit in the off season and even
to work on specific areas that might need improvement, such as flexibility,
agility, co-ordination or core strength.

athlete’s body can take a beating during sports training and subsequently their
joints are more vulnerable to injury. For example, a rugby player needs good
cardiovascular fitness and strength, but needs to be ‘quick’ and able to change
direction fast which requires strong inner and outer leg muscles and knee

the muscles of the leg are not strong enough or there is an imbalance, they are
more prone to knee injuries.

with a trainer to strengthen those muscles with traditional resistance training
and sport-specific drills can often help prevent these types of injuries from

athletes often use trainers to help them increase their overall fitness levels
and become more well rounded and better equipped to play their respective

training for a sport is quite common and by working with a trainer, you are likely
to work through a more goal-specific and creative programme than you might do
working alone.

goal-oriented programme that, for example, focuses on core strength, may
include the use of a variety of equipment like BOSU and stability balls,
balance discs and resistance tubing/weights.

addition to the creative use of equipment, personal trainers push clients,
including athletes, harder than they would push themselves.

under the supervision of a personal trainer provides a plan for a particular
result within a given time frame. It ensures that the athlete is working to his
or her potential, that the workouts are balanced, focused on developing any
weak areas and take into account any injuries.

with a trainer is a great way to get the most out of your workout, whatever
your goals may be.

Deanna Smith is an exercise physiologist
and Pilates instructor at ENERGY. She can be contacted at:
[email protected] or 946-6006


A personal trainer can keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.
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