Letter’s to the Editor: Stay focused and on track

Editor’s Note: Today marks the
beginning of a new column by Catherine Tyson. It will run twice monthly.

So 2010 is up and running, full of
broken resolutions or ones that are still in full swing with hope that they
will not lose steam. 

This is a new year, filled with
possibilities, well four months ago it was but we still have eight months to
make it right.  How do we do that is what
we each want to figure out and those who know how need to help those that don’t
along the way. 

I am Catherine Tyson. Most of you
have heard of me and the rest of you probably know exactly who I am because
after all this is a small island and if you don’t know, you will just ask
someone “who I fa” anyway. I am a social worker and trained counselor,
somebody’s mama, well three people’s mama actually; somebody’s child, sister,
partner, closet comedienne and an author now to a wonderful little book titled
I’m Somebody’s Mama.

I am optimistic, a bit cynical and
suspicious, a lot sarcastic and just a happy go lucky person who is just
pleased as pie to have one more day on this earth to help some lost soul find

This column will attempt to help
you lighten your load by inspiring, encouraging and empowering and at the very
least entertaining you in this wonderful year of our Lord 2010. We make this
journey what it is and we have the choice to make our load heavy or light. I
believe every one of us has a divine purpose for being here and when we find it
we are then on the right path to doing what we were destined to do. 

I believe that today is to be lived
to the fullest, not saving it all for tomorrow in case there isn’t one but not
spending it all today just in case there is one; learning how to figure it all
out is the wonderful challenge of balance.

Everything you want and hope for is
just within your reach, just ask for it, go for it and more importantly when
you get it, treasure it and try not to lose it and yes, men, I am talking to
all of you too!

Stay focused, on track and goal
oriented and above all else be kind to one another and just enjoy the journey.
We are all in this rat race together and just need to learn how to find the
cheese and share it because there really is enough for everyone. We also need
to learn what ‘cheese” really means and not take anyone else’s interpretation.
You are the creator of your own destiny and the master of your own domain. It
is between you and your God and no one else should tell you differently or have
you believe that they have the answers to your happiness; only God can truly do

Every day remember to use your
senses to make this journey as delectable as it can be. 

Life is sweet so taste it;

Clear your senses and smell it;

It is colorful so open your eyes
and see it;

It sounds like a symphony so hear

And the weather is absolutely
fabulous outside, so just feel it

Today, tomorrow, every day. 

And don’t waste one day not
enjoying this wonderful and blessed journey.

May your days be blessed and your
path be strewn with gold as you journey on in self fulfilment.  And then tell me, how your week is going at [email protected] or check out my
website at www.somebodysmama.com