Moms ready to fight for Anglin

A new organisation has launched to
help support the boxing club and to try to keep more youngsters from going

Neighbourhood Moms was created by Jackie
and Wilma Ebanks and at their inaugural meeting at the D. Dalmain Ebanks Boxing
Gymnasium they outlined their objectives. Appropriately, they launched over
Mother’s Day weekend.  

Jackie said: “We were very
concerned about what’s happening with our young people. For example, we know a
lot of young people whose parents are dropping them off at the cinema and their
parents are driving off and they’re not ending up at the cinema. They are going
off to beaches to drink and smoke.”

Jackie said that sometimes the kids
hang about in Camana Bay and security guards have been known to call the

“We need to have an awareness of
what’s happening with our children. When we see a gang problem and we’re
alarmed we should realise that it started in small ways, like smoking then weed
and on to harder drugs and they lose their goals and drop out of school and
then get into gangs because they start selling drugs.

“So as parents and guardians we’re
trying to speak up about what’s happening.

“I help with a youth group on a
Friday night so see a whole lot of it. Good parents should ensure that even
when they drop kids off, say at the youth group, the child goes in. They should
check with the youth group to ensure the child has attended.”

Jackie feels that parents need to
be more hands on with their children’s leisure and sports activities and
actually attend the gym and training sessions with them, even if they just sit
and watch or go for a walk to kill time.

Lack of household money is not an
excuse, Jackie feels because there are plenty of sports activities for the
youth which are free.

She also wants parents to be made
aware that on the way back from sports activities, youngsters often get
introduced to drugs and other bad things.

Wilma and Jackie are first cousin
to boxing coach Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin so they thought it appropriate to create a

Neighbourhood Moms will help Anglin
with the non-boxing things he does, such as taking kids home after training,
cleaning the gym and supervising kids during busy periods.

Added to that, top boxer Kendall
Ebanks is their nephew.

“Everybody is stressed and pushed
for time,” added Jackie. “But we’re prepared to create a roster to give Donie

“Also, a lot of parents are trying
to instil good values in their kids but they’re not aware of the strength of
the media and how much it influences our kids.

“It’s okay to take little Johnny to
church every Sunday yet parents let him watch on TV all sorts of violence and
sex and they want to know why little Mary is pregnant at 16 or Johnny has
become a gangster when once he was an innocent little boy. These kids are not
born that way, it’s a learnt behaviour.

“Unfortunately, so many parents are
struggling with drug and alcohol issues themselves. It’s compounding the issue.”

Neighbourhood Moms also want to
address the growing culture of teenage boys trying to become fathers because it
is seen as a badge of honour and something to be proud of.

“Too many think at 19 they’re an
adult and ready for parenthood. I want to change that stereotype. It’s a
dangerous culture.”

Coach Anglin said: “It’s called
Neighbourhood Moms so I’m going to help pull in the fathers and males to get
involved. That’s the biggest role I’m going to play.

“I really appreciate them helping
me in the gym. More staff is what I need.”

The organisation’s involvement will
help Anglin prepare for the next boxing show, on Saturday 29 May at the gym.

A Jamaican team is coming over and
a couple of fights will be between local fighters. Featured will be Gino
‘Crusher’ Brown, Kendall Ebanks, Dariel Ebanks, Jason Parchment, Peter
‘Lightning’ Lewison, Alex ‘Ricky Hatton’ O’Keefe and Troy O’Neil.

“We’re aiming for the Commonwealth
Games in October so I’m just keeping the guys busy.”

For more information on Neighbourhood
Moms, ring: 927-6974 or email: [email protected]
boxing tickets ring:  939-7944.


Wilma and Jackie Ebanks are the Neighbourhood Moms founders.
Photo: Ron Shillingford