Most want new Gov’t building sold

More than two thirds of the 320
respondents to last week’s online poll think the Government
Office Accommodation Building should be sold.

The building, which is expected to
be completed in 2011, will cost the government $85 million plus fit-out
expenses and debt service fees.

The largest segment of respondents,
93 people or 29 per cent, thought the building should be sold to pay off debt.
Another 83 respondents – 25.9 per cent – thought the building should be sold
and then the government should enter a lease-to-purchase agreement. Forty-four
people – 13.8 per cent – thought the building should be sold to lessen the
government’s cash flow and debt ratio problems.

it proves cheaper to lease than own, they should just lease it,” said one

will pay for it collectively if not,” said someone else.

large segment of respondents, 92 people or 28.8 per cent thought the government
should keep the building, even if it meant delaying completion.

for capital investment is planned, responsible and cost saving,” said one
person. “The problem is borrowing to cover the annual costs of running government,
and that is where cuts must be made.”

 “Keep it and dramatically reduce government
expenditure,” said another person.

funds to complete the project and move the different governmental departments
stationed around town to the building,” said someone else. “The budget that is
used for rent can be put into paying off the mortgage.”

people, 2.5 per cent, responded “other” to the question.

in down,” commented one person.

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