No independence message for UN

Attorney Steve McField will
represent Premier McKeeva Bush at a United Nations decolonisation conference
next week to deliver the message that Cayman people do not want independence
from the UK.

Mr. McField told a press conference
on Wednesday morning that he had been appointed by Mr. Bush to tell the UN on the
premier’s behalf that there was “no mandate from the people of the Cayman Islands
to seek independence”.

Mr. McField will attend the UN
Pacific regional seminar on The Implementation of the Second Decade for the
Eradication of Colonialism: Assessment of Decolonisation Process in Today’s
World in Noumea, New Caledonia, from 18-20 May.

“Other than giving the message of
the premier… I will be seeking as much information as possible so that when I
come back to the Cayman Islands… I can debrief the premier and cabinet,” he

He said that if a referendum were
held, under the constitution, that showed the people of Cayman wanted to seek
independence, then that position would be presented to the UN in the future, if
the situation arose.

Mr. McField said the UN had
requested that Cayman attend the conference and was paying for his flight and
some of his expenses in New Caledonia.

He said he was honoured to
represent the premier at the conference, but admitted his presence there was
“ironic” due to a youthful effort on his part to seek independence for Cayman.

“This is not the first time I have
been implicated with the United Nations. When I was a young man, a student at
the University of British Columbia, I wrote a letter to the United Nations in 1968
or 1969, asking that the UN consider giving Cayman Islands internal

“It was converted into a petition
and circulated at the United Nations. At that time, I got a lot of flak for it
from the administering country and was told then by the administration here in the
Cayman Islands at the time I would not be welcome back here because I was
seeking to get internal self-government in Cayman.

“It is ironic I am going back there
as an adult and a qualified person to give the message that we will not seek
independence,” Mr. McField said.

He said Mr. Bush had intended to go
to the conference but budget-related meetings were keeping the premier in