UK Liberal ends up with OTs

A reshuffle by Britain’s new coalition government has placed a Liberal
Democrat in the Overseas Territories supervisory position formerly held by
Labour representative Chris Bryant.

to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s website, MP Jeremy Browne will
become the Minister of State with responsibility for eastern and south-eastern Asia,
the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Pacific regions and Australia.

the FCO had given responsibility for the UK’s Caribbean territories to the
Parliamentary Under-Secretary’s position – now held by conservative lawmaker
Alistair Burt. However, Mr. Burt was given responsibility for the Middle East,
north America and northern Africa.

Browne, who just turned 40 on Monday, represents the Taunton Deane borough in
the south-western part of England. He was first elected to the seat in 2005 and
won re-election earlier this month.


Brown, Jeremy

Mr. Browne