Letters to the Editor: Student pens award winning poem

The following poem about the Cayman
Islands was written by 10-year-old Kate Fazioli, a fourth-grade student in
Pennsylvannia.  For her effort, Miss
Fazioli not only won first place in her grade, but Best in Show for her elementary
school. Kate and her family will return to Cayman for another famaily vacation
in July.

Everlasting Beauty

Kate Fazioli

On the shores of the Grand Cayman
Islands, beauty lives.

The electric blue ocean, the heart
of the island, laps at the sand,

depositing gifts on its surface.

Gifts of seashells, coral and

Within the ocean stingrays, slick,
sleek and delicate creatures, glide effortlessly, trailing magic in the waves.

On the beach, the sand sizzles with
excitement as a Candlenut tree sways in the sweet air, enchanted by an
invisible lullaby.

A rose-throated parrot chirps, its
voice cradled by the wind throughout the island.

Above, the golden sun spreads its
rays of light throughout the island,

warming both skin and heart.

Cream puff clouds sail sleepily
through the tiffany blue sky.

Soothing. The gentle wind embraces
with invisible arms, comforting with its peace and beauty.

At sunset, the tangerine sky glows magnificently.

And the beauty of the day, turns
into a divine twilight.