Overtime magic carries Islanders

CDMS Islanders are on cloud nine after an epic upset. The side had a week off
to enjoy the victory before the Cherry Cup starts on Sunday May 23.

sealed their place in the finals with a dramatic 6-5 win over the Budget
Beavers in over-time. The Islanders had to institute a dramatic come-back in
the second half to force the extra time.

Bourque got the scoring started for CDMS with the game’s first goal but Budget
was in control after that. Tim MacDonald, Chris Moser and Joe Jewitt all scored
in the first half as the Beavers enjoyed a 3-1 edge by half-time.

said he felt good notching the first goal of the contest.

“Scoring a goal always feels good,
but getting the win in overtime is really what counts,” Bourque said. “We are
just happy to get the win and to move onto the finals and play against the

“We won our last two games against
the Beavers and I’m not sure how many people gave us a chance. To be honest, I
don’t think too much of it since they had a depleted bench and missing a few
key players in those games. I don’t feel as though we got their best game on
either occasion but I’m not going to complain, a win is a win.”  

the stats say the star forward line of Pete Holowchuk (four goals and one
assist) and Ben Rivard (three assists) carried the team. Both had help from
Bourque and Champoux (a goal each) along with Paule Peene and Jean-Louis
Beaudet (an assist each).

(two goals, one assist) and Moser (one goal, one assist) led the charge for
Budget with help from Jewitt (one assist, one goal), Rob Leadbetter (two
assists), Alexis Falconer-Cloutier and Martin Wilson (one goal each).