Pines gets cash injection

The pines received a donation of
more than $100,000 from the AAL Foundation to aid with the building of their
new facilities on Tuesday, 11 May.

According to Director of the Pines,
Sue Nicholson, the donation will be used to continue development on phase two
of the new building.

She added that a previous donation
of $125,000 from the AAL Foundation last year jump-started construction on the
whole project.

The AAL Foundation is a Caymanian
Charitable Trust comprised of Directors Tove Brown, Sophia Harris, Michael
Austin and Steve Georgola.

The group meets twice every year to
discuss new projects to fund.

It’s mandate allows members to
donate anywhere in the world.

Mrs. Brown detailed some of the charitable
work the group was undertaking: “We currently have the privilege of assisting
charities in Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“However, ultimately we are a
Caymanian charity and it is important for us to make sure we are assisting
projects here.”

She said after the harsh realities
of Hurricane Ivan and horror stories of people sleeping on cots for weeks after
because the facility was ruined, the AAL Foundation felt it was crucial that
the Pines get a new home.

There are currently 35 people at
the Pines. Though with the new building, the programme will be able to accommodate
over 50 individuals.

The building will also be up to
hurricane standard and offer disabled access.

Mrs. Nicholson noted   that the Pines was not the kind of home that
could rely on the income from patient families to accomplish all of its goals,
as the operation was not high-end and the revenue from such measures would be

The cost of the project in total is
over $4 million.

Ms. Tove explained that she and the
other members of the AAL Foundation took special pride in giving to such worthy
efforts and it was also a pleasure researching the different programmes to
decide where and how to assist.

The AAL Foundation also helps to
support Hospice Care, as well as the Light House School. 


Photo: Stuart Wilson