Stabbing victim may be crippled for life

Man charged with attempted murder

O’Neil Alrick Robinson, 26, appeared
in Summary Court
on Friday accused of attempting unlawfully to cause the death of Lisania Simone
Chambers on Sunday, 9 May.

Few details of the circumstances
were aired, but a summary of facts indicated the defendant and victim were known to each other. Chief Magistrate
Margaret Ramsay-Hale asked if the offence arose from a domestic incident, but
the answer was not clear.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson
advised that the young lady had been flown to Jamaica for treatment and was
making good progress.

However, the magistrate read from
the file that Robinson’s alleged behaviour included choking, kicking about the
body and head such that one of Ms Chambers’ teeth broke off. He then allegedly
used a knife to stab her in the back of the head and part of the knife broke

He then allegedly used scissors to
continue the attack and the tip of the scissors stayed in her neck. He then left
her, believing she was dead, the report indicated.

The tip of the knife was lodged in the
spinal column and Ms Chambers may remain crippled for life, the magistrate read
aloud. Other injuries included a collapsed lung.

In addition to attempted murder, Robinson
is also charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

Because of the seriousness of the
charges, he was not entitled to bail, the magistrate noted.  Further, as a Jamaican national on a work
permit, he would not have close ties to Cayman. Of course, that was just a
preliminary view, she added.

Mr. Samson said members of
Robinson’s extended family were present in court. He did not apply for bail on

Instead, he and Senior Crown
Counsel Trevor Ward asked that the matter be brought back to court on Tuesday,
18 May.

No one related to the victim was in court.