Lemonade is better

I am a trueborn Caymanian and I
have lived here for almost 84 years. I thank the good Lord for allowing me to
live through so many years of poverty and I am, thankful since things have
gotten better. We were poor in those days; we shared what we had with one
another. Caymanians all lived like one family, not wanting all for ourselves.

There are still people here like
that and some don’t seem to get enough. I love everyone in this world, but I
don’t like what some of them are doing. It’s time for the whole world to turn
to the good Lord. I am ready for heaven and I want to meet you all there.

 We do not need any more bars on this Island;
we need to get rid of what we have. Too many lives are lost through alcohol;
children are in need of money that is instead being spent on liquor. People
need jobs; they don’t need to destroy other people’s body and soul or their own
to make them rich.

We will not carry anything with us
when we leave this earth; get ready for heaven that’s all. I like to see people
with ambition working for an honest living. No kind of drugs is good for you,
it doesn’t matter who takes these things, it’s wrong. Alcohol isn’t a body
builder, it’s a body destroyer. A lemonade shop would be much better.

My request before I leave this
earth is for all my children and my whole family to turn their lives over to
the good Lord, be saved, and meet me in heaven. All my friends in the world I
love you all and hopefully we will meet in heaven where we will never part
again                                        – I love
you all!

May the good Lord bless you all!

Myrtle Rivers