Curly hair for Carnival cruisers

Carnival Cruises announced their
updated list of banned items last week and promptly walked straight into a

Listed under ‘miscellaneous
concerns’ were items that included personal grooming devices including
hairdryers, curling tongs, straighteners and shavers. Carnival’s new rules
state that they are allowed on board ‘with proper caution’. Electric devices
including multi-plug power points, fans and extension cords are similarly
allowed. However, according to Carnival’s regulations, if these items are
considered a safety hazard, security has the power to confiscate them for the
duration of the trip. Some guests had complained that this was too vague and
that there were no guidelines as to what criteria are used to define what
constituted a hazard in these cases.

Carnival spokesman Jennifer de la
Cruz told Cruise Critic that confiscation was possible at any point, from
luggage screening through to the conclusion of the voyage. She said that the
rules had been updated in the light of internal concerns about the increasing
amount of electronic gadgets people are bringing on-board.

She said that this was having an
impact on the ships’ electrical systems and had raised potential safety
concerns as a result as items in poor condition or an excessive amount of items
connected to power sources could be a potential fire hazard.

No candles

Under the regulations in the
liner’s security policy, electrical and household appliances will be confiscated.
This ranged from coffee makers, hot plates and toasters to clothing irons and
steamers. Alcohol beyond the allowable limit of one bottle per adult 21 years
and over, candles, heating pads and incense will be confiscated and destroyed.
Prohibited items which will be disposed of prior to boarding include large
coolers; firearms (replica and real) plus ammunition; stun guns and pepper
sprays; martial arts equipment; brass knuckles and handcuffs; knives with
blades longer than 4 inches.

Recreational dive knives are
allowed but must be held in the custody of the guest services manager or chief
security officer and checked in and out for dive excursions.

Other items on the list include
large scissors, metal detectors, surfboards and any footwear with wheels.

Most of these items are banned as a
rule from most cruise ships. Royal Caribbean International’s own guidelines
specify the banning of skateboards and surfboards and ham radio.

Balloons banned

Along with their general guidelines
which are very similar to Carnival, Disney Cruises also specifically state that
balloons are not permitted on board.

“If a guest arrives with a balloon,
the balloon is tagged with the guest’s name and can be picked up after the
cruise. Disney Cruise Line is not responsible if the balloon is deflated upon
pick-up,” read their regulations.

The balloons are banned due to
environmental concerns, said the company.