Cayman is going green

local supermarkets participating in the Cayman BECOME campaign, which
encourages the public to bring their own reusable bags when they shop, will
begin charging shoppers for plastic bags.

9 June onwards, several major supermarkets will begin charging customers five
cents per plastic bag.

supermarkets, including Kirk Supermarket, Foster’s Food Fair, and Hurley’s
Supermarket, have seen significant increases in the use of reusable bags since
the campaign started.

the month of April we sold six times the monthly average of reusable bags that
we were getting through last year,” said Raquel Solomon from Fosters Food Fair.
“The campaign does seem to be making a real difference”.

Jury from Kirk Supermarket said: “Kirk Supermarket has also seen a big increase
in the number of reusable bags people are purchasing – as well as a significant
rise in the number of customers actually bringing their own bags to the store.”

signs can now also be seen outside Foster’s Food Fair locations and Kirk
Supermarket to help customers remember to bring their own bags.

promote the campaign, a limited amount of free campaign-branded reusable bags
will be distributed on the morning of 12 June at all Foster’s Food Fair stores,
Kirk Supermarket and Hurley’s.

is fantastic news that the public has been so receptive to the call to action,”
said Tara Tvedt from dms Organization Ltd., who has been helping to manage
Cayman BECOME. “We expect this to have a significant impact on the 12 million
plus plastic bags that are thrown away annually here on Grand Cayman. Although
this is still a baby step in terms of addressing the solid waste management
issues faced here in the Cayman Islands, it is a great start and demonstrates
that the local community does care about this issue and is willing to change
their habits to make a difference”.

more information on Cayman BECOME and what to expect, go to