Letters to the Editor: Children are Cayman’s future

Being able to stand proud knowing
that you have completed all your courses and you’ve returned home from overseas
with a good education to help your country and your people – that is the good
picture that we would like all of the Caymanian children to paint, but that is
not always the case. We find that some of our students that are sent overseas
to receive this education are led astray, down the devil’s road into the world
of wrong. Many become involved in drugs, guns and many other evil things that
land them in jail or even sometimes get them killed. The parents work so very
hard to get them overseas – sometimes they are sent there by our government –
only to hear that while in school overseas they are arrested by the police and
cast into prison leaving the poor parents to go crazy.

It is a sad shame to look on the
Internet and see Caymanian children that are sent overseas to further their
education splattered over the Internet arrested for crimes while in school. Who
is it to blame? Once again I must blame our system. If the schools and the
parents had the power to use the rod from an early stage with that child, maybe
we would not have so many young people in Cayman committing these different
crimes and they might have more pride in themselves.

We need to get back to our own
discipline the real Cayman way. Remember it takes a town to raise a child: the
way life is at present we are losing our children very fast.

Our future is in our children and
if we lose them young because of our foolish ways, we will not have a Caymanian
future. Government, parents, teachers, and all other family members you must go
back to the old way and do not spare the rod and spoil and lose the child. If
we continue to let the children run wild unchecked, God only knows what you can
expect from them here in Cayman schools and overseas. Once again I am calling
for trade schools for all the children in the Cayman Islands, and for parents
to have more control over their children, not the police. To the children stop
your disrespect towards your parents and listen to them.

Emile S. Levy