Most say they are ready for hurricane season

Almost two-thirds of the 303
respondents to last week’s online poll say they are either
substantially prepared or as prepared as they can be for the hurricane season.

The 2010 Atlantic basin hurricane
season begins 1 June and runs through 30 November.

The largest segment of respondents
– 133 people or 43.9 per cent – said they were as prepared as they could be.

“I was partially prepared when the
island was hit by Hurricane Ivan,” said one person. “After that, I start my
preparations early.”

“I will purchase an Iridium
satellite phone and a propane gas generator, and I have lots of can foods thus
far,” said someone else.

Another 62 people – 20.46 per cent
– said they were substantially prepared for hurricane season.

 “I built for it,” said one respondent.

Thirty-eight people – 12.54 per
cent – said they were just a little prepared.

“I’ll do more preparing this
month,” said one person.

Thirty-six people – 11.9 per cent –
said they were not prepared at all for the hurricane season.

“I’ll rely on handouts if I lose
everything,” said a respondent.

Another 34 people (11.22 per cent)
said they would not be in the Cayman Islands during hurricane season.

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How fair and balanced is Cayman’s
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fair and balanced

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