Paperwork reduced for US entry

 Travellers from nations
participating in the United States Visa Waiver Programme no longer need to fill
in the green arrival/departure form, according to the Department of Homeland

Providing they have an authorised
and approved Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, also known as ESTA,
this streamlines the process for any citizen of a nation participating in the
scheme, including those holding a United Kingdom passport.

This replaces the previous need to
submit the green landing form I-94W at border control.

“[This] will help reduce confusion
and increase the speed of processing for millions of our guests. With full
implementation of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, the United
States is proving that it can simultaneously strengthen security and improve
our customers’ experience. We will continue to work in support of Secretary
Napolitano’s efforts to make America’s entry process both safe and welcoming,”
said US Travel president and chief executive officer Roger Dow.

The ESTA form is free and can be
filled in online.


  1. Your article is misleading. If you read the press release it says that the plan is that you will no longer have to fill in this form BY THE END OF SUMMER. Readers should be aware that they will continue to complete the form for the time being.

  2. I think SlowJoe is correct, the release I read said by the end of summer, My family and I will be travelling via US to Belize on May 27 and I have filled out the green form just to be on the safe side, perhaps the Caymanian Compass could reach officials to see if it is effective immediately or what is the actual date it comes into effect.

  3. After reading the press release again by DHS, I think it is advisable to fill in green visa waiver form, though depending at what airport you arrive at in the US you might be processed automatically without the green form, just my personal take on this release!

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