Letters to the Editor: Waste of the People’s Money

For years now the Cayman Islands has
been doing well, so well that at one time it was said that we controlled at
least one fifth of all the money in the world. How can the leaders of this
country be so stupid and blind? Don’t they remember our past? Well let me
remind them we the people of the Cayman Islands were all poor in 1966,  I’m just using this year to remind them we
had no great banks or tourist ships bringing us millions. We did not even have
electricity like we do now, or anything much. 
But from the day that we climbed out of the dark and poorness state that
we were in to the days of money and Internet, our leaders have all forgotten
the days of poorness and have been on a foolish spending spree. Leader after
leader not saving, just wasting the people’s money.  One government build, the other tear down and
find outsiders to give our money to while our people are deprived of proper
services. Caymanians, if we are not careful we might find ourselves worse off than
we were in 1966.

I have been listening to the Marl Road
and a lot of our leaders think that they are above the law and that they are
better than the people. They are supposed to serve. Don’t you see how they
waste our money by the hundreds of millions and do not even keep accounts of
the wasteful spending? They make deal for millions to be dragged out of our
treasury and sign deals for untold amounts, plus pay millions more to people
from the outside world to give them advise on how to waste more, even sometimes
having no answers for the people about how much they spent and where these
hundreds of millions was spent.

Well I think the FCO should not be the
only ones with great concern about the wasteful spending that is going on this
little Island with so little people on it that are not getting the benefit of
this money. Why should we have to borrow so much money from England, government
after government? Well it is because of the crazy way out Islands’ leaders are
using the money that comes from England, from banking and from the tourist trade.
If you make hundreds of millions each year and you keep no proper record of it
or of how you spend it and you have no saving plan sooner or later you will be
worse that we were in 1966. Leaders that use our money foolishly and won’t
explain where the money went to or how it was spent should be punished by the
people, regardless of who they are. Be careful, so called leaders, hungry
people do become angry and you are taking my people for granted.

We would like for the people to have
more say on how the money that the leaders have their hands on to waste is
spent. Not just the head of government, who with a stroke of his pen wastes our
money on his bad ideas. Take a look at Royal Watler Dock – it is still not
completed. Look at the Turtle Farm losing millions. I could go on about more
but by now you should know what is being done here in Cayman when it comes to
wasting of the people’s money. In closing, it is hard to get rich but easy to
become and remain poor. Caymanians we all need to know how our money is being
spent and for what.

Emile S. Levy