Miss Teen CayBrac crowned

Monique Connolly was crowned Miss
Teen Cayman Brac at the annual beauty pageant held at the Aston Rutty Civic
Centre on 15 May.

Miss Connolly was one of four girls
who competed for the coveted title, the other three contestants were: Melicia
Ebanks, who was the runner-up, Petrina Kelly and Lucille Martin.

Although Ventisha Conolly,
chairperson of the Miss Teen Cayman Brac Committee, said that there were fewer
contestants this year, the reduced numbers did not impact the spirit of the
event. “The show must go on, the numbers don’t matter,” she said.

Miss Connolly, a Year 10 student,
will go on to compete in the Miss Teen Cayman Islands competition, which will
be held in Grand Cayman in August.

“I think that she’ll fare very
well,” said Ms Conolly, “she’s a quick learner, she makes friends very easily,
and she wants it.”

The sponsorship of Cayman Brac
Power and Light helped Miss Connolly to shine throughout the competition.

“We’re very proud to have been her
sponsor,” said general manager of Cayman Brac Power and Light, Jonathan
Tibbetts. “Monique is an upstanding student and member of the community.”

Although it has still to be determined
whether Cayman Brac Power and Light will be able to fully sponsor Miss Connolly
during the Miss Teen Cayman Islands competition, Mr. Tibbetts said that, no matter
what it takes, the company will “make sure she’s seen through the main Miss
Teen competition”.

The Miss Teen Cayman Brac pageant
is slightly different from the main competition.

“We took out the swimsuit portion
of the competition,” Ms Conolly said. “We wanted the girls to not look at
themselves as just beauty figures.”

Instead, the focus of the pageant
is placed on the interview portion of the competition. According to Ms Conolly,
each of the contestants was well-aware of global and local issues.

“All of the girls this year were
quite astute about what is going on around them,” she said.

Local Monique

Monique Connolly
Photo: Submitted