Letters to the Editor: Private sector should pledge $100M

I am writing this in response to
the recent open letter from members of the private sector to the Governor.

I do agree with the need to reduce
expenses and increase revenue. However if we follow this plan it is plain to
see who will be the beneficiaries and it is not the country or the average

The situation we face today may
have been precipitated by the worldwide recession, but it was bound to happen
sooner or later. This plan is basically just more uncontrolled development,
which is what got us in this mess in the first place.

Let’s read between the lines and
look at these recommendations. Reduce other people’s income. Increase the cost
of healthcare. Sell the Government Office Accommodation Project and the Water
Authority. Do you think any on that list would be interested buyers? Of course
we will keep Boatswain’s Beach and Cayman Airways. Sell Crown lands outright.
Build Casinos. Speed up permits so they can destroy mangroves, dredge and
pollute North Sound quicker. Remove all restrictions on work permits. I wonder
who would build the port, move the dump and extend the runway? Raise the duty
on almost everything average people need to live. I don’t see anything that any
of them are prepared to do to help.

Well I have a suggestion. If the
Government makes significant cuts to its expenses then all the companies and
everyone who signed that letter should get together and make a pledge to donate
one hundred million dollars to the government. That would be a small percentage
of all the money they have made in this Island. Problem solved and they could
get back to business as usual. I’m sure it wouldn’t take very long for them to
get their money back.

Ray Ebanks