Seafarers honour 100-year-old friend

Politicians, high ranking
delegates, seafarers and their families packed the Seafarers Hall in George
Town Monday to honour centenarian Urban Myles.

Born in 1910, Mr. Myles is known
best for his delicious cooking on the Gold Medal, one of the ships on which he
sailed over his years at sea.

During the evening, speakers
thanked Mr. Myles for all the hard work he had done through the course of time,
in addition to acknowledging his declaration that he would live to see 100.

The veteran of the sea and top chef
is said to have still been preparing turtle up until his 98th birthday and
still gets excited at the mention of turtle.

His grandson, Courtney Myles, said
he felt fortunate to have the company of such an admirable man, whom so many in
the community looked up to and respected. He added that it was equally touching
that such a large gathering of people also felt it was important to honour Mr.

Governor Duncan Taylor said he was
particularly fond of how the Caymanian community rallied around its elderly and
treasured the seniors among them.

“It has been impressively
interesting for me to see how the people in the Cayman Islands treat their
elderly and on my visit to the Sister Islands, I was particularly charmed by
the respect and care you offer your seniors,” he said.

He added that it was a common
feature of most Western cultures to celebrate youth and not place any real
emphasis on learning from those who have gone before. He insisted, however,
that there was much to be gained from talking to and learning about older
people as this was a more practical way of advancing a people.

Mr. Myles was also honoured by the Seafarers Association
and received an award for his efforts on behalf of all seamen.  


Urban Myles, seated, makes his entrance at his 100th birthday party.
Photo: Stuart Wilson