YUDP celebrates young mothers

Members of the Young United
Democratic Party treated five young mothers from the Young Parents’ Programme
and the programme director, Brenda Dawkins, to lunch at Casanova’s Restaurant
in celebration of Mother’s Day.

“While everyone is running around
getting flowers and gifts for their own mothers on Mother’s Day, we wanted to
do something really special for these young ladies,” said YUDP President
Richard Christian. “Our message to them was simple, we have all made mistakes and
we have all made wrong turns in life, however past mistakes and wrong turns
doesn’t have to determine your destination in life. These young ladies are
still precious in God’s eyes and therefore should be in ours too.”

YUDP legal advisor Chanda Glidden said,
“We all had a great time at lunch. It took great courage for the young moms to
be so open with us but we could see that they appreciated us taking the time to
get to know them and the issues concerning them without being judgmental.”

The young mothers expressed their
interest in seeing the Young Parents’ Programme restored to its former level of
functionality. Over the years, it has been reduced to a half-day programme run
by three staff members with limited access to external activities or life skills

“They do their best with these
young ladies, however there is still so much more that could be done if this
programme is given the support it needs to flourish,” said Ms Glidden. “I
appeal to individuals and businesses to get involved, whether by mentoring,
donating or volunteering in programmes like the YPP which give so much to the
lives of our young people and therefore make our community a greater place for
the future.”

Mr. Christian said that the YUDP
would do their part to voice the young mothers’ concerns.

“The YUDP has promised to meet
with… Mike Adam, minister overseeing the YPP and provide him with feedback
and, in our opinion, the importance of this programme,” he said.

For more information on the Young
Parents’ Programme, contact the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006 or Ms
Dawkins at 925-5649. For more information on the YUDP, 943-3338 or email
[email protected]


Members of the Young United Democratic Party treated several Young Parents Programme mothers to a Mother’s Day lunch.
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