Dwayne Seymour: A funding pioneer wants to see donors offer support

week I featured young Beneil Miller, a young Caymanian musician who is on the
verge of living a dream to enter one of America’s most prestigious music
college: Berklee. A dream so daunting in its slim possibilities of chances to
be realised that only the most talented and determined dare step forward to
approach its imposing gates.  Yet, though
on the threshold of seeing this dream come through, the musician is tormented
with the nightmare that his dream might die, due to his parents’ present
inability to meet Berklee’s horrendous costs. I too feel his frustration.  It is a feeling only too familiar with most
aspiring artistes – who while brimming with talent and zest, cannot find a lucrative
outlet to elevate themselves, not just to fame and fortune, but to experience
the fulfilment of knowing that one is living what one was meant to be.

my mind troubled over this, I suddenly remembered one astute Caymanian, a
community leader who, having consideration for the same issues pioneered
Exposure in September, 2006. Exposure was a programme that was geared towards
giving young artistes, as the word suggests, exposure by giving them a platform
to stage their talent.

programme allowed them to be scrutinised by internationally recognised artistes
like Tinga Stewart and Rugs from the musical group Third World, to name just

Exposure has not jogged your memory as to the person of who I speak, then
perhaps the name Music Mogul might ring a bell. Yes, Dwayne Seymour, promoter
extraordinaire who has brought some great shows to these shores under Music
Mogul promotions with artistes like the ever current number one Jamaican
crooner, Beresford Hammond!

Seymour’s foresight and  passion to see
Cayman’s artistes paddling out to the big ships sailing on the ocean had sent a
beam of hope throughout the community of the young and gifted, who hungered for
a chance to shine. Unfortunately, as is the case with Mr. Miller, the lack of
funding brought down the walls of Exposure, Mr. Seymour though, with dogged
determination, unwilling to concede defeat and let down those looking to him
for a light, moved the venue for Exposure to his establishment at Helium Lounge
on Shedden Road and for a time held up the structure with his personal funding
but eventually the weight proved too much for him alone to bear and Exposure
receded into a pleasant memory.

ventured to track down Mr. Seymour, to vent my frustration at this non-exposure
situation that is still such a pervasive factor over us. I thought it would
have been a bit of a challenge to get hold of him as he has since become a
Member of the Legislative Assembly. This higher service to his country has, as
one can imagine, tightened his schedule, limiting his accessibility, but I
found the gentleman quite easily and he was most accommodating.

issue of no breakthrough still weighs on Mr. Seymour’s mind and he would
definitely love to see a resurgence of a programme similar to Exposure, to once
again offer the young musicians another podium for progress, but without proper
funding this can never be.

someone of means and purpose please take up the mantle and run with the vision?
Some youths are losing their dreams.

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