Coping with sudden job loss

If the current economic times have
left you jobless, one of your smartest buys may be Coping With Sudden Job Loss
by local author Cathy Gomez.

Formerly the chief operating
officer of the Health Services Authority, Ms Gomez was given one and a half
hours notice after 31 years and nine months of service.

Based on research and personal
experience, Coping With Sudden Job Loss is a message of help and hope for those
who have been dismissed, and was rated as one of the top 25 books about job
loss on

“There were many times when I
wanted to quit the topic of job loss and start over, because I was emotionally
torn, but I persevered and today I am proud that others will benefit from my
work,” Ms Gomez said. “Reaching out to help others is the best therapy when you
are hurting, and in the process I am helping myself as I continue to heal from
my own experience.”

Not only does Ms Gomez’s book offer
encouragement to those who have lost their jobs suddenly, but also to the
coworkers who have retained their jobs.

“The employees who remain behind
are also psychologically affected,” Ms Gomez said, “and often this is
overlooked by management staff of the various organizations.”

Books by the Bay at Grand Harbour
will be hosting a book signing event with Ms Gomez on Saturday, 5 June from 11
am to 2 pm.