Government gets bad grades

More than 61 per cent of the 421
respondents to last week’s online poll rated the government’s
first year in office as poor or failing.

The largest segment of respondents,
163 people or 38.7 per cent, gave the government a failing grade.

“They are following the examples
set by the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, down a path to total economic and
social destruction of a nation,” said one person.

“The UDP government is the worst in
our history,” said someone else.

The second largest segment of
respondents, 95 people or 22.6 per cent, rated the government’s first year in
office as poor.

“What have they done, really?”
asked one person. “A lot of talk and too little action.”

“Make some hard decisions already
and quit trying to please everyone,” said someone else. “Ease up on small
business or we will lose all of our jobs. Cut costs to consumers so we can
spend. Welcome expats who want to invest here and do away with the ‘us and them

“I might have given them a fair
rating until Premier Bush announced plans to muzzle the press,” said another

Another 92 people, or 21.8 per
cent, gave the government a ‘fair’ rating in its first year in office.

Fifty-three people, or 12.6 per
cent, rated the government ‘good’ in its first year.

“They had a lot to overcome from
the previous administration,” said one person.

“They have had a tough job but seem
to be making a real go at it,” said someone else.

“Better than what PPM did in four
years,” said another respondent.

Only 18 people, 4.3 per cent, gave
the government an excellent rating in its first year in office. However, none
of those respondents made any comments.

Next week’s online poll question

What will you do when grocery
stores start charging for plastic bags?

Just pay the five cents per bag

Bring my own bags

Not use bags anymore

Stop going to the grocery store

Move to another country

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  1. Government gets a bad grade, and we are going to keep them in???

    VOTE STRAIGHT – that is what they always sing before elections!!! I can’t forget the ignorance I hear from my own people! Instead of them selecting their candidates carefully, they were driven by the POLITRIX!

    The same two parties you will see all the time like the heads and tails of a quarter. Westbayers and Georgetowners singing stupidly on top of their lungs – VOTE STRAIGHT, VOTE STRAIGHT, VOTE STRAIGHT… WE LOVE YOU MCKEEVA, WE LOVE YOU KURT, DO WHAT’s RIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!


    I guarantee dem will put back the same people in power, UDP or PPM! I can see it now without any careful and rational thinking, dem singing along VOTE STRAIGHT!

    Just how fool-fool can you get???

  2. Last night I attended a supposed cocktail reception to honour Caymans educators at Pedro’s Castle. Duncan Taylor our governor spoke briefly, shortly and well. At the same time while our education minister played on his Blackberry our premier was writing furiously on a piece of paper, he then proceeded to his hastily planned speech where he listed all the teachers who taught him over the years and bored the audience with thinly veiled attacks on the opposition and the media, this continued for 40 minutes. It was the worst speech I have ever heard.
    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail Mr. Bush.
    p.s: Fruit punch, pepsi and sprite doesn’t constitute cocktails.

  3. Yes fauntleroy – and I don’t want to read in the media what a success the teacher appreciation evening was – success for who? Successful at boring the audience to death for an hour and half of politican’s speeches and no cocktails within a mile – people left before the food they were so fed up and it was late – here’s a list of things they could have done to value teachers more – MLAs and top civil servants take larger cuts than teachers not the same – reducing their over-inflated salaries to no more than an Education Principal or $70-90K – and leaving people earning less than $4K out of cuts offering a full week mid term break in Oct and Feb to compensate for dishonouring contracts and reducing classroom teachers with honours degrees, masters degress, teacher certificates from living hand to mouth!

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