Let the artist residency begin

If you have ever wanted to see an
artist in action, the upcoming artist-in-residency programme facilitated by the
National Gallery will give you the chance to do just that.

This year marks the third
installation of the A Day in the Life exhibition, which allows visitors to the
gallery to get up-close with local artists, as they work on their art within
the gallery from 31 May to 11 June.

The featured artists for 2010 are
Avril Ward, Gordon Solomon, and Renate Seffer. Each artist will work within the
three spaces of the National Gallery, allowing them to create works of art in
the full view of the public for 10 days. These works will then be on display in
three interconnecting exhibitions from 14 June until the end of August.

Renate Seffer

Originally from Australia, Ms
Seffer grew up surrounded by an eclectic mix of culture, art, music and
constant change.

She has made the Cayman Islands her
home for the past 15 years and has been a regular fixture in the local art
scene having exhibited both locally and internationally.

Ms Seffer is known for her diverse
style and bold imagery that reflect her passion for colour, her surroundings
and fascination with human behaviour.

The theme she will be working with
throughout the A Day in the Life programme is Wanderlust, the human impulse to
travel and explore.

“I’d like to use this theme
throughout my work – the creative process, my journey on canvas,” she said, “I
look to explore different materials and different styles.”

Ms Seffer is hoping to create three
large figurative canvasses throughout the residency and during this time she
also hopes to explore materials in order to create an abstract sculpture. 

Gordon Solomon

Mr. Solomon was born and raised in
George Town, Grand Cayman.

During his teenage years, he
recalls his first taste of art was using markers and pens to create graphic
designs on poster board.

However, it was not until 1999 that
he became recognised as an aspiring artist within Grand Cayman’s art community.

Mr. Solomon is a longstanding
member of the Native Sons, a group of Caymanian-born artists now recognised as
among the most respected and productive artists in the Cayman Islands.

The theme surrounding Mr. Solomon’s
work will be the Kingdom of Heaven. This is an ongoing series depicting
different parables that Christ taught to his disciples.

“With this series I’d like to relay
the different ways that the Kingdom of Heaven is perceived or can be perceived
and also interpreted,” said Mr. Solomon. “The particular style that I will be
using is three dimensional oil on canvas.”

Avril Ward

Born in Scotland and raised in
South Africa, Avril Ward usually works in series of a particular medium.

She recently returned to producing
sculptures, after a 17 year gap. She is now working in hand-finished ceramic,
and casting limited editions of her works in bronze.

“All my sculpture pieces are
emotionally conceptual pieces based on the human figure and my painting will
relate to the theme Heart and Soul,” she said. “I will be working on at least
one [sculpture] from start to finish, and finishing off others that I have
already started. I will have about nine sculptures on show all together.”

Visit the Gallery

The Gallery in Harbour Place is
open between 9am and 5pm. Visitors are encouraged to sit with each of the three
artists to discuss ideas and pose questions.

Teachers and educators can book
school tours, where interactive student worksheets and follow-up activities
will be provided for each tour. For information and bookings, contact Jessica
Wallace at [email protected]

Each artist will also host an
individual lecture. All lectures begin at 6pm at the National Gallery. Refreshments
will be provided. Admission is free for Gallery members, $5 for non-members.

Ms Seffer’s lecture will be on 17
June, Mr. Solomon’s on 24 June, and Ms Ward’s on 1 July.

For more information, call 945-8111
or go online at www.nationalgallery.org.ky.


The Sower by Gordon Solomon.
Photo: Submitted