German ambassador visits Caybrew

German ambassador to Jamaica, Jurgen Engel, toured the Cayman Islands Brewery
on a recent visit to Grand Cayman.

Engel was taken on the tour by Cayman Islands Brewery brewer Andreas Moerl, the
German brewer master at the heart of the Caybrew operation and accompanied by
Christiane Schuette-McField, honorary consul for Germany in the Cayman Islands.

Moerl explained the brewing process from start to finish, including the recycling
initiatives conducted by the brewery as well as where the company sources its
raw ingredients, during an extensive tour of the facilities.

Engel had previously received a crate of Caybrew as a gift and said he was
impressed with the beer.

have tried your beer and I really loved it. I can even prove it to you because
I kept it for myself,” he laughed.

a well-travelled diplomat, Mr. Engel said that he has encountered German
brewers in many parts of the world during his travels.

started in Ghana in West Africa, German brewers, then when I went to Argentina,
German brewers, then I went to Vietnam, there were no German brewers but at
that time there was nothing foreign there, and then back to Latin America and
German brewers everywhere,” he said.

to Mr. Engel finding German brewers around the world is hardly a surprise.

beer is a thing which is very German, We have two universities (where brewing
is taught). When you really want to see the world, you could be a diplomat, but
there are not that many, or you could be a brewer, which is the profession
because if a brewer comes from Germany he has like a halo, he is sought all
over the world – you learnt your profession in Germany, that must be good,”
said Mr. Engel.

have, I would say, something like a monopoly and all over the Caribbean islands
you find German brewers doing the work or at least teaching people, giving
courses, checking on the quality,” he continued.

many German brewers helping to set up breweries, Mr. Engel views the biggest
challenge faced by Caribbean breweries as the ability to maintain high
standards, especially once the original brewer has left.

is part of that German knowledge – you don’t only learn how to brew the beer
but you learn you have to work to maintain your standards,” according to Mr.

Mansfield, commercial manager with the brewery, welcomed Mr. Engel’s visit.

masterbyc, said Mr. Mansfield.

Engel was in Cayman to sign a tax agreement on behalf of the German government.

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