Lionfish information evenings

Department of Environment is continuing its series of lionfish information
evenings being held throughout Grand Cayman in the month of June.

evenings aim to inform members of the public as to the potential impact of the
lionfish, an invasive species, on Cayman’s marine environment.

to Bradley Johnson, research officer with the Department of Environment, the
lionfish is a ravenous predator which is capable of consuming a large number of
juvenile fish and crustaceans. This could endanger the diversity of marine life
on Cayman’s coral reefs and cause imbalances in the ecosystem as certain species
dwindle due to the impact of the lionfish.

the lionfish is a beautiful fish, it is equipped with venomous spines along its
dorsal fin which can deliver a very painful wound.

you do happen to see a lionfish please do not approach or attempt to catch it.
Instead, please report the sighting to the DoE,” said Mr. Johnson.

lionfish information evenings will take place on 5 June at Bodden Town Primary
School, 19 June at South Sound Community Centre and 26 June at John A, Cumber
School in West Bay. All information evenings start at 6.30pm.

Johnson urges everyone to attend the meetings, whether they snorkel or dive,
swim in the ocean, fish, or just have an interest in Cayman’s marine
environment. The evenings also present an excellent opportunity for people with
an interest in becoming certified to remove lionfish from Cayman’s reefs to
learn more about the programme.

more information on the lionfish information evenings, contact 949-8469.

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