Letters to the Editor: God isn’t in congregations

I would like to ask my fellow
Caymanians about things that I understand they are saying and doing that our
forefathers never taught us.

First, when our babies die, ‘God
needs them for roses in his garden.’

Secondly, burning candles for the

Thirdly, ‘everybody’s going to
heaven’ – how can that be when the King of Glory, Jesus, says we have to be
born again.

Who is teaching these lies? Or, as
I say, which serpent crawled into the garden and deceived them?

What is happening in Cayman? I have
met many Christians who don’t believe in God. Their confidence is not in Him.
Where are those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

I understand many young people have
given their hearts to Jesus in the ‘Do Something Cayman.’ Please listen – if
you sincerely invited Jesus into yours hearts you belong to Him and you have no
other choice but to let the Holy Spirit teach you about His gospel. I have
found out that you cannot be a member of a congregation and live the way that
God intends you to live. The reason is you will have to obey what the church
stands for and every congregation stands for its own rules and regulations.

Your dreams must be Jesus’ dream;
souls for the kingdom of God. You really have to want to live the life of a
born again Christian. You must renew your mind to the word of God, say what God
says and do what He says to do. You cannot serve Him with the same mind to the
word of God, say what God says and do what He says to do. You cannot serve Him
with the same mind you had. It does not work that way. If anybody tells you
anything, let them show it to you in the scriptures. I am not a preacher but
because of the relationship I have with Jesus Christ, I can tell anybody about
Him and about the life of peace and joy and contentment. You can have the same
relationship; all you have to do is to tell Jesus that you want to know Him and
you want to know the truth that sets you free. Without knowing the truth, it is
only religion, not a relationship. Don’t be a powerless Christian because we
have a lot of them that deny the power of God. Your focus must be on Jesus
Christ. Jesus said you are to go out to the whole world and teach the gospel to
every nation.

Remember that you have the whole
world as your platform and your pulpit. Please remember, it’s not about anybody
else but Jesus Christ. God did not create you to be a loser because He is not a
loser. All He asks of us is to trust Him and obey Him. It is not about clothes
or hair or the day; it’s about relationship with you Lord and Saviour, Jesus

You will never find God in a
congregation because He does not hang out in churches. He is not lost, but you
have to search for Him. He is our father and He said if we search for Him we
will find Him. I must warn you when you do God’s way friend will forsake you,
even some of your family and they will pass all sorts of remarks about you; but
keep loving them, praying for them and living the life. Be sure and find the
people who have a relationship with and confidence in Jesus. Never forget this;
He loves you. Just fly like an eagle and don’t flutter like a ground dove
because of who you are in Christ Jesus.

Velma Herod

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