Lady fans win trip of a lifetime

Most local men who are into sports
would love a free trip to the World Cup. Two women will beat them to the punch.

Elaine Bogle-Taylor and Linda Key
were the lucky winners of two trips to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The
two ladies were the grand prize winners of Digicel’s World Cup promotion and
are both avid football enthusiasts.

Key fancies one of the most
prolific football nations way south of Cayman in Brazil. As she states her
allegiance to the yellow and green stretches back to the 1970s.

“I’m into football though my
husband and children follow more,” Key said. “I’m rooting for Brazil. When the
World Cup is on normally everyone in my household is glued to the TV.
Personally whenever the South American teams are playing I always watch. I’ve
supported Brazil ever since the days of Pele. He had the world simply captivated.”

Key has an interesting background.
She was born in England, grew up in Jamaica and has been in Cayman since 1991
(moreover she now has Cayman status). As Key states she even has family in
South Africa.

“Cayman is definitely home for me,”
Key said. “But I have links to South Africa as I have family living there. I
couldn’t go before and visit them so this is the perfect time to do that and
see their home-land. The World Cup is something everyone would try to go to and
I’m happy I get to go as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Bogle-Taylor also has global roots.
She was born in Jamaica and lived in London and Zambia among other places. Her
football preference is for the French and their pizzazz. She states she is
happy to root for Thierry Henry and company in person.

“Football is definitely my favourite
sport and I’m excited about going,” Bogle-Taylor said. “I have been to South
Africa before and I spent some time in Zambia. I’ve never been to a World Cup
match in person, I’ve always watched it on TV. Of course the last one in 2006 I
watched intently as France was in the final. France are my favourites and I
loved Zinedine Zidane and Henry for their mastery of the ball.”


From left, Canover Watson, Elaine Bogle-Taylor, Linda Key, Victor Corcoran.
Photo: Matthew Yates

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