Londoner stuck here with World Cup tickets

Most people would love to have
tickets to the World Cup and figure out how to get there. A select few, like
Niall McAuliffe, already have some but cannot get to the matches.

The 30 year-old London native has
two sets of tickets for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, primarily to
England’s group stage matches against the US, Algeria and Slovenia. The passes
are part of a special by FIFA termed team-specific tickets. The plan was for
McAuliffe to travel with his wife to all three games on Saturday June 12,
Friday June 18 and Wednesday June 23.

However the PWC accountant hit a
snag with the overall cost of attending the games. Though he could come up with
the cost for the tickets (which range from US$264-$528) he states he did not
have enough for the ancillary expenses.

“The cost of going and other things
coming up are why I couldn’t go,” McAuliffe said. “It would cost over $6000 for
two people to go. With flights at about $1500, accommodations another $2000 and
flights in South Africa to the various cities being another couple hundred it
adds up.

“Right now I’m trying to sell my
tickets to FIFA (the process is you have to sell tickets to them so that they
can re-sell them) but they won’t accept mine back.”

Adding insult to injury was two
persons won free trips over the weekend to the World Cup with all of the added
expenses being covered by Digicel. McAuliffe was at the Digicel store in Camana
Bay when the winners were announced and admitted he felt a way about their

“I’m a bit jealous I suppose,”
McAuliffe said. “They don’t have to worry about the accommodations and getting
to the matches. Also the safety aspect is good for them with the VIP treatment
and all.”

McAuliffe has been in Cayman only
three months and is resigned to watching the matches on TV here. In particular
he states he’ll be watching his favourite players Steven Gerrard, Fernando
Torres and Lionel Messi.

“Football is my favourite sport and
England is my favourite team. I’ll be watching Torres and Gerrard because I’ve
been a Liverpool fan all of my life and Messi because he is amazing to watch;
he has the full package and is a very skilful player. I support Liverpool
because they were top when I started watching premiership football back in the
1980’s in my childhood. Gerrard and Torres are my favourite Liverpool players
because Gerrard is a great captain and Torres always scores amazing goals and
it’s incredible that he just needs half a chance to score.”

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